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About your appointment

Checking in for your appointments

If you have an appointment to see your doctor in clinic or an appointment for blood work at:

  • The Odette Cancer Centre, please check in at T-wing, 1st floor, Main Reception.
  • The Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre, please check in at M-wing, 6th floor, reception.

If you are scheduled for:

  • A radiation planning appointment, please check in at T-wing, Basement level, room 100.
  • Radiation treatment, please check in at T-wing, ground floor, radiation reception.
  • Chemotherapy or immunotherapy, please check in at T-wing, 1st floor, Main Reception.

View a map of Odette Cancer Centre.

If you have an appointment with the Patient and Family Support Program, go to the Patient and Family Support Office in T-wing, ground floor, room 230.

At every visit, you will be asked to confirm information on your family doctor, next of kin and emergency contact. If there are any changes, please tell the reception.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 416-480-5000 as soon as possible.

For each visit to the Odette Cancer Centre, please bring:

  • Your Ontario Health Card (green) and your Sunnybrook Hospital Card (red)
  • A list of medicines you are currently taking
  • Equipment you need (i.e. ostomy bags, oxygen tanks etc.)
  • Snack/lunch or a drink, or you can buy food at Druxy's, T-wing, ground floor
  • Money for parking or anything else you may buy on site, or you can use the bank machine, T-wing, ground floor
  • Money/credit card or drug insurance information (i.e. Group and policy numbers for private insurance plans, Trillium, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program etc.)

You are responsible for the cost of drugs prescribed that are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance. If you do not have drug coverage, please contact the Drug Reimbursement Specialist (416-480-4623).

Parking Rates at Sunnybrook

Discounted pay-per-use parking packages are available for patients. Click here for more information on parking at Sunnybrook.

Need a ride?

Volunteer drivers are available through the Wheels of Hope Transportation Service from the Canadian Cancer Society. If you need a ride to your appointment and you would like to register for the program, please call 1-800-263-6750.

Need a transport chair (Staxi)

Staxis are available in the parking lot across from the Odette Cancer Centre and at the Centre's east entrance for a refundable deposit of $1.00. More Staxis info

Your Symptoms Matter: How are you feeling?

After checking in at reception, please take a moment to complete Symptom Screening at one of the kiosks. You will be asked questions about your symptoms, such as your pain, your appetite and your wellbeing. Your responses will help the healthcare team understand how you are feeling at today's visit and to track changes over time so that your symptoms can be managed appropriately.

The "Your Symptoms Matter" survey was designed by Cancer Care Ontario to help assist conversations with your care team.