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Background & Reflections on Where Sunnybrook Education Was in 2012

The Sunnybrook Education Strategic Plan of 2012 resulted in a plan that outlined three main objectives:

Objective 1: Improved Communication, Presence and Process »

  • Created SEAC Structure
  • Improved overall exposure from our Education Conference has brought in international keynote speakers
  • Published Sunnybrook 2015 and 2016 Report on Education
  • Standardized student experience survey (amalgamated 3 surveys into 1)
  • Revised Sunnybrook Observer Policy
  • Created Sunnybrook Student Placement Policy
  • Created Sunnybrook Fellowship Letter
  • Streamlined the Resident and Fellow Registration and Orientation

Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council Structure

Chart of the SEAC structure. First level: Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC). Second level: Education Research Unit, Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning, Education Capacity Building and Education Excellence & Wellbeing. Third level, under Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning: Simulation, Learning Management System (LMS) and Library. Third-level, under Education Capacity Building: Patient & Family Education, Educator Development. Third level, under Education Excellence & Wellbeing: Learning Experience (Medical Students, Residents, International Learners, Nursing, Health Professions, Other Observers), Interprofessional Education, Student and Staff Wellbeing. Fourth level, under Student and Staff Wellbeing: Organizational Development & Leadership.

Education Conference 2014-2016

Posters from past Education Conferences

Year Number of Registrants Number of Podium Abstracts Number of Poster Abstracts
2014 230 19 22
2015 239 18 26
2016 219 15 25

Objective 2: Enhanced Quality, Innovation and Evaluation »

  • Increased IPE structured placements and elective credits
  • Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) Showcase and Grand Rounds
  • Enhanced utilization of Sunnybrook Simulation Centre
  • Simulation Centre is the 2nd Simulation Centre in Canada to receive accreditation and the 3rd Simulation Centre in Canada to receive reaccreditation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Development of Cancer Information Portal
  • Increased quality in Education Research Grants

Structured Interprofessional Education Placement

The IPE committee oversaw 13 structured IPE placements and introduced a new tool for their evaluation. This year we had a record number of attendees, 101, that came from 23 different professional training programs.

Chart showing an increasing number of attendees from 2013-2016

The 7th Annual Sunnybrook IPC Showcase had 147 attendees. 92.5% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that overall the showcase was excellent

Use of Simulation Centre at Sunnybrook

2,562 participants used the Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre in 2015-2016. The biggest groups were undergrads and postgrads.Increased Quality of Applications Received for the Education Research & Scholarship Grants

  • 31 research teams awarded funding
  • $10,000 maximum funding awards per project (4 years in operation)
  • $212,392 total funding awarded through operating grants

Sunnybrook Education Research Grants 2013-2016

Chart showing total applicants and successful applicants for Sunnybrook Education Research Grants between 2013 and 2016. 2013 was the year with the highest number of total applicants in recent years while the number of successful applicants has remained the same.

Cancer Information Portal

A screenshot of the Cancer Information Portal website

Objective 3: Augment Infrastructure »

  • Currently working on a $7M education space infrastructure consolidation project
  • Purchase and implementation of a student online registration (MedSIS 3C) system from Knowledgde4You
  • Learning Management System added all physicians, fellows and residents to MyEducation

About Education at Sunnybrook

Learners come from all over the world to study with our renowned faculty and become important members of our interprofessional, person-centered teams. All students are asked to complete a survey at the end of their placement, be it a short two-week visit or a year-long rotation. Their feedback helps us grow.

Our Student Learners at Sunnybrook »

4,832 student learners are an important part of our interprofessional, person-centered teams. The biggest groups are medicine (2,275), nursing (1,577) and health professions (498).

About Student Placements at Sunnybrook »

More than 4,000 students each year. More than 25 professions. More than 40 partner schools.

91% of students said their experience at Sunnybrook met their educational and professional expectations. 89% would recommend their placement to a classmate or friend.

Building Capacity in Patient Education 2015-2016 »

63 health literacy participants. 12 patient & family education grants awarded. 19,308 visits to learning centres.