Education Strategic Plan 2017-2020
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Strategic Priority 4: Education Scholarship


Build capacity for education scholarship that focuses on improving patient outcomes and learner experiences.

Primary Responsibility:

Ari Zaretsky and Lisa Di Prospero

Implementation Strategies:

  • Realign leadership and increase linkage between Practice-Based Research and Innovation (PBRI) and Education Research Unit (ERU)
  • Work with SRI to integrate ERU into SRI Clinical Evaluative Sciences Platform
  • Increase linkage with AFP Innovation Grants
  • Integrate patient and family feedback on Sunnybrook education research priorities
  • Invest in recruiting and retaining PhD education scientist
  • Build education research support infrastructure
  • Update Sunnybrook Education Researcher database
  • In collaboration with Practice-Based Research and Innovation, conduct needs survey of education research at Sunnybrook
  • Enhance quantity and quality of education research workshops and mentoring
  • Work with Decision Support and SRI to measure education grants and papers at Sunnybrook
  • Create a TAHSNp Fellowship opportunity with primary focus in simulation
  • Support scholarship in curriculum development through designated funding from Annual SEAC Research Grant Competition

Metrics for Education Scholarship:

  • Number of education research peer reviewed grants carried at Sunnybrook per year
  • Total amount of education research funding carried at Sunnybrook per year
  • Number of teaching/education peer reviewed publications with at least one Sunnybrook staff /faculty author per year
  • Annual number of abstracts, presentations, grants and publications by Sunnybrook Education Research Grant recipients
  • Number of new curricula created at Sunnybrook disseminated outside of Sunnybrook
    • Local
    • Provincial
    • National



Realign structure of PBRI and ERU
  • Director of PBRI and ERU with ongoing ERU Executive Advisory Committee
Establish endowed Chair in Education at Sunnybrook utilizing SHUTC Trust Fund
  • Education Scientist assumes role of Sunnybrook Chair in Education Research
Appoint Education Scientist to Evaluative Clinical Sciences Platform of SRI
  • Education Scientist appointed to SRI
Appoint patient or family member to Education Research Unit
  • Input from patient/family member is integrated into Education Research Unit Advisory Committee and Education Research Grant judging
Increase collaboration with Wilson Centre to increase number of staff trained and supported to conduct education research
  • Increased number of Sunnybrook staff apply for and successfully receive Education Research Grants compared to 2016-2017
Together with PBRI, SRI and Decision Support, create Education Research Unit Productivity Working Group
  • Database created to accurately measure Sunnybrook Education grants and publications
Advertise Sunnybrook Education Grant for Novel Curriculum Design
  • Annual award for new educational curriculum that is developed by Sunnybrook staff or faculty that has impact beyond Sunnybrook
In collaboration with SRI and PBRI, create scorecard for Education Research
  • Scorecard is established for Education Research