Education Strategic Plan 2017-2020
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New Education Strategic Plan: Rationale & Process

  • Previous Education Strategic plan began in 2011 and was refreshed in 2014
  • SEAC and Sunnybrook Education is still siloed
  • Need to connect ‘strategies’ and align with Education:

Chart. Top-level: Sunnybrook Strategic Plan. In the second level: Sunnybrook Education Strategic Plan. In the third level: Patient Engagement, PBRI Strategy, Interprofessional Collaboration Strategy and Research. All of these items connect to each other.

Goals of New Education Strategic Plan

  • Identify strengths
  • Build on successes
  • Weave together Sunnybrook’s many Educational initiatives into a fully-integrated vision
  • Identify focused Education initiatives for the next three years that will have impact on improving patient care, student experience and Sunnybrook’s international reputation
  • Further develop a strong Education culture
  • Enhance staff recognition of their key role as teachers and learners at Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook Education Strategic Planning

Education Strategic Plan Process Timeline

  • September – November 2016
    • Engage core Strategic Planning Team
    • 90 strategic conversations with stakeholders
    • Deciphering emerging input
  • November – December 2016
    • 90 strategic conversations with internal and external stakeholders
    • Retreat December 2, 2016
    • Consolidation of key outputs with Strategic Planning Team
  • March 2017 →
    • Finalize strategic plan and begin implementation

Education Strategic Plan Schedule

Schedule. August 2016: Formation of Strategic Planning Steering Committee. September 2016: Identification of external and internal stakeholders and questionnaire. October to November 2016: 90 strategic conversations with internal (43) and external (37) stakeholders. December 2016: Identification of themes for Strategic Plan Retreat. December 2016 into 2017: Retreat and final plan (March).