2018 Report on Education
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Message From Our President & CEO

At Sunnybrook, we are proud of our role as an academic health sciences centre. We strive for educational excellence for our learners, staff, patients and families.

Thank you to our Vice President, Education Dr. Ari Zaretsky, the Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council and our education champions from across the hospital for their efforts throughout 2017-2018.

Significant changes have occurred in education over the last five years that deserve recognition and celebration. Our annual Sunnybrook Conference on Education (now in its seventh year), our lnterprofessional Collaboration Showcase, our Cancer and Trauma Information Portals, our focus on health literacy, our partnering with patients as educators and our use of in situ simulation to drive quality improvement have all raised the profile of education at Sunnybrook both within and outside our organization.

The growth of education at Sunnybrook is important because we aspire to be a leader in innovative methods of teaching. The 2017–2020 Sunnybrook Education Strategic Plan is forward-looking and very exciting. It builds on Sunnybrook’s unique strengths and recognizes that quality, innovation and impact are fundamental to the enhancement of our health care system and health outcomes. It powerfully aligns with our new Sunnybrook strategic plan including our focus on enhancing quality and the patient experience and building high performing teams.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our preceptors, teachers, instructors and others who take part daily in educating our learners, patients and their families. Your passion and dedication help Sunnybrook maintain its reputation as a world-renowned academic health sciences centre.

Andy Smith, MD, FRCSC
President and Chief Executive Officer
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre