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Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC)

The Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC) is a standing committee within the Education portfolio. The council is chaired by the Vice President of Education and consists of an interprofessional team of educators and leaders.

There are key initiatives developed through the four priorities of the Sunnybrook Education Strategic Plan 2017-2020 that deliver on:

  1. Patient as Educator;
  2. Team-based Learning;
  3. Learner Experience and Culture; and
  4. Educational Scholarship

The Sunnybrook Education Coordinator & Events Manager coordinates the implementation of the Sunnybrook Education Strategic Plan to ensure its success.

We are currently working on developing our next three-year plan for 2020-2023. The Strategic Directions for Sunnybrook Education will continue to deliver high-impact and help develop the future of health-care education.

The council provides a forum to enable the Education Strategy. The council also advises senior leaders who have direct responsibility for Education on the SEAC initiatives supporting Sunnybrook’s Education Strategy. This committee serves the educational needs of students, patients and families and team members in all professions and roles.

Broad representation of these stakeholder groups will be represented through the priority leads. This also includes patient and family representation.

Computed tomography (CT) 3D geometrical reconstruction of the skull. Fatima da Costa, Sunnybrook Education Coordinator and Events Manager

In addition to the SEAC strategy, the council is responsible for the planning and implementation of the following key educational activities:

  • Education Week and Conference
  • Celebrating Excellence in Education Awards
  • Annual Report on Education
  • Corporate Balanced Scorecard Reporting
  • TAHSNe Reporting
  • Education Research Unit Education Research & Scholarship Grant
  • Education Research Unit Education Scholar Fund
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Showcase
  • Patient & Family Education Print Fund
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Team Assessments

Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC) Organizational Chart

Education Strategic Plan Chart: Vice President, Education (Dr. Ari Zaretsky), Patient as Educator (Tamara Harth), Team-based learning ((Elizabeth McLaney, Tracey DasGupta, Agnes Ryzynski & Christopher Townsend), Learner Experience & Culture (Elizabeth McLaney, Sinthujah Santhirasiri, Dr. Eugenia Piliotis), Education Scholarship (Lisa Di Prospero & Lesley Gotlib Conn). Corporate Education Organizational Chart: Vice President, Education (Dr. Ari Zaretsky), Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development & Leadership* Director (Kristen Winter), Interprofessional Practice (Tracey DasGupta), Executive Assistant (Francesca Cirone)Dual reporting to Director, Interprofessional & Academic Education, Communications Advisor* (Katherine Nazimek), Manager, Organizational Development & Leadership (Christopher Townsend), Manager, Postgraduate Medical Education & Educational Observers (Sinthujah Santhirasiri) – Administrative Assistant (Laurie Hamilton), Department Clerk (Lisa Afrin), Director, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre (Dr. Jordan Tarshis) – Director, Research, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre (Dr. Fahad Alam), Director, Adult Life Support Education (ALSE) Program (Dr. Jordan Chenkin), Manager, ALSE Program (Sandhya D’Souza), Manager, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre & Curriculum Development (Agnes Ryzynski) Dual reporting to Vice President, Education, Senior Coordinator, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre (Susan DeSousa), Simulation Specialist, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre (Roman Tymchal), Director, Interprofessional & Academic Education (Elizabeth McLaney)– Nursing Education Lead, Students (Maria Parzanese), Nursing Education Assistant (Tracy Howze-Innes), Health Professions – Student Education Administrative Assistant (Mildred D’Silva), Professional & Education Leaders (Dual reporting to Director, Interprofessional Practice), Spiritual Care Fellow, Nursing Education Lead, Staff (Bev Waite), Nursing Education Assistant (Gloria Monico), Director, Peters-Boyd Academy (Dr. Eugenia Piliotis) – Administrative Assistant (Margaret Chung), Administrative Assistant (Sonya Boston), Administrative Assistant (Norma Armas-Lewis) Dual reporting to Manager, Postgraduate Medical Education & Educational Observers, Director, Education Research Unit (Lisa Di Prospero), Manager, Library Services (Md Farid Miah), Library Technician (Christina DeLonghi), Librarian/ Information Specialist (Henry Lam).