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The Way Forward

Education, including formal education of learners, the maintenance of technical proficiency as well as ongoing personal and professional growth, are the responsibility of everyone at Sunnybrook. The purpose of our Sunnybrook Education strategy is to create an envelope or big tent, to provide guidance as well as to energize change and accelerate momentum for all those involved in education initiatives. In addition, the establishment of strategic directions, goals and action plans serves to focus and prioritize the available resources within the Education Program.

Our strategy is summarized below in brief statements of vision: our purpose; mission: the core work that we do; positioning: our value proposition; values: the important beliefs and behaviours that enable our success; and strategic directions: our five areas of focus. Each of these strategic directions is then explored in the subsequent section.


Inventing the future of health care through education.


An extraordinary health care learning experience.

Positioning statement

We are known for enabling innovative person-centred health care through teaching excellence and educational leadership.


We will:

  • Promote excellence, accountability, compassion and respect in all the learning and teaching that we do.
  • Create a learning culture of inclusion that celebrates diversity, enables equity and justice and promotes well-being.
  • Support interprofessional learning within Sunnybrook and across its partners.
  • Enable equitable access to knowledge, education and health information.
  • Foster engagement in inquiry and scholarship.
  • Collaborate both within Sunnybrook and externally to enable innovation and enhance performance.