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Our Strategy at a Glance


Inventing the future of health care through education.


An extraordinary health care learning experience.

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Positioning statement

We are known for enabling innovative relationship-centred healthcare through teaching excellence and educational leadership.

Strategic Directions »

Learner Experience & Culture: enabling all learners to grow in a safe, stimulating and compassionate environment.

Goal Statement: Learners state they are valued and supported.

2023 Success Measures:

  1. Learners state that they are valued and supported during their Sunnybrook placement. Target: 95 per cent.
Team-Based Learning: enhancing interprofessional team performance in service of robust educational outcomes, patient and learner safety, and high-quality care.

Goal Statement: Team members from diverse professions, roles and organizations work to their full potential through interactive learning and simulation within a positive, culturally safe environment.

2023 Success Measures:

  1. Teams learn through simulation. Target 50 per cent of teams learn through simulation.
  2. Teams are addressing problems and tough issues on a regular basis. Target: 50 per cent of team members are able to bring up problems and tough issues in the team setting.
  3. Two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes (interprofessional education) on a regular basis. Target: 70 per cent of teams indicate that they very often engage in interprofessional education.
Patient as Educator: partnering with patients and families for the inclusion of their experiences and perspectives in all teaching and learning.

Goal Statement: “Patient as Educator” is the standard practice in learner development, patient education, and education research activities.

2023 Success Measures:

  1. Patient educators are embedded in clinical programs across Sunnybrook. Target: 100 per cent of clinical programs have patient educators.
  2. Patient educators will be partners in the development of all new patient education tools. Target: 100 per cent of Patient and Family Education tools will have patient educator input.
Life-Long Learning: supporting careerlong personal and professional growth.

Goal Statement: Sunnybrook is recognized as a centre of excellence supporting the professional development and continuing education of its diverse employees and physicians.

2023 Success Measures:

  • 75 per cent of health-care professional employees register for courses to improve their professional skills annually.
Education Research & Scholarship: creating, mobilizing and applying knowledge across the organization and beyond.

Goal Statement: Education research and scholarship will be enhanced to improve learner, teacher and patient experiences and outcomes.

2023 Success Measures:

  1. Sunnybrook will be viewed as a leader in research related to “patient as educator” by TAHSNe partners.
    1. Double the number of “patient as educator” education research publications.
    2. 15 per cent increase in the number of successful education research grants related to “patient as educator” research.
    3. 25 per cent increase in number of patient as educator presentations at education conferences.