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Implementing the Plan


Ultimately, the success of any strategic plan rests on what gets done. Our adoption of an action-focused [Objectives and Key Results (OKR)] methodology to support the development of the work plans provides a solid foundation for success. Having clear roles and responsibilities as well as a process to update and course correct priorities and actions will support us in delivering value to all stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the key players involved in the delivery of the plan and in monitoring progress and making the necessary course corrections:

  • Vice President, Education – leads implementation of the plan; informally and formally provides support and monitors progress on a regular basis; determines deployment of resources; issues annual priorities and reports back to SEAC and the Board on a regular basis.
  • Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC) – is an interprofessional standing committee to enable the implementation of the Education Strategic Plan by providing advice aligned with the strategy to senior leaders with direct responsibility for education initiatives. In addition to the Education strategic directions, SEAC is responsible for the planning and implementation of a number of key educational activities.4
  • Education and Human Resources Committee (E+HR Committee) – on behalf of the Board, meets quarterly and provides oversight to the overall implementation of the plan, monitoring progress against targets and identifying necessary course corrections.
  • Strategic Direction Leaders – accountable for developing the action plans annually outlining key results, timelines and any resource requests, and for achieving the targets and deliverables as outlined each year. The Leaders meet with the VP on a regular basis to report progress against plan.
  • Sunnybrook Education Coordinator and Events Manager – accountable for organizing meetings and data collection to review progress in achieving targets and deliverables as outlined within annual work plans. Coodinator meets with VP on a regular basis to review progress.
  • Partners and others involved in Education – utilize concepts and directions set out in this strategic plan to identify priorities and design and implement education-related initiatives.

Risks and Contingencies

The successful delivery of the strategic plan is dependent on collaboration, whether working with partners to access resources or aligning with their priorities to implement and/or scale an initiative. SEAC is one forum where this alignment takes place. In addition, the process for developing the plan was designed so that we could engage many other stakeholders to get their input and to develop their support. Communication efforts will be extended both internally and externally with particular attention being paid to the Sunnybrook clinical program leaders and their education coordinators, leaders from TAHSNe, the Faculty of Medicine and the Ministry of Health as well as internally, with Organization Development & Leadership and Nursing Education.

Monitoring and Implementation Process

Strategic Direction leaders are responsible for creating a work plan with Key Results on an annual basis, meeting with the VP, Education on a bi-weekly basis to confirm progress and identify areas where support is needed to remove roadblocks. SEAC also plays an important monitoring role and will report progress against plan to that body on a regular basis. Once a year, SEAC will convene a longer meeting regarding progress to-date and will identify changes in the environment that might affect go forward priorities. These inputs will be reflected in updated versions of the annual work plans.


4These education activities and awards include: Education Week and Conference; SEAC Celebrating Excellence in Education Awards; Interprofessional Collaboration Showcase; Education Annual Report; Corporate Balanced Scorecard Reporting; TAHSNe Reporting; SEAC Patient & Family Education Print Fund; SEAC Education Research Unit Education Research & Scholarship Grant; SEAC Education Research Unit Education Scholar Fund.