Welcome Guide for New Students

Your feedback is important to us

Each learner will be asked to complete a Student Experience Survey at the end of their placement. In the meantime, you are welcome to send us feedback anytime via education@sunnybrook.ca 


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Student Experience at Sunnybrook

Highlights of student survey 2015-2016

About Education at Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook welcomes more than 4,000 students each year, representing more than 25 professions.

Learners come from all over the world to study with our renowned faculty and become important members of our interprofessional, person-centered teams.

All students are asked to complete a survey at the end of their placement, be it a short two-week visit or a year-long rotation. Their feedback helps us grow.

About Placements at Sunnybrook

  • +4,000 students per year
  • +25 professions
  • +40 partner schools
  • 91% of students said their experience at Sunnybrook met their educational and professional expectations.
  • 89% would recommend their placement to a classmate or friend.

Students feel part of the team.

"Good team spirit. Team members were really helpful in our growth."

"The people made an effort to get to know me as part of the team."

"The departments I worked in were extremely collaborative."

"I had a very good learning environment and great experience."

Students spoke. We listened

Many students told us they'd like to feel more connected to other students here on placements. And, they told us being a health-care profession student can be pretty stressful.
So, we designed and hosted a Student Wellness Fair in 2016 to provide tips on self-care, nutrition, mindfulness and more. Attendees also got to network and connect with other students here at Sunnybrook.

Last year, students told us our registration process was not streamlined. This year, we created an online registration system to students can register for placements and complete required learning all in one place. Feedback about the new online system has been very positive.

Praise for teachers, preceptors and supervisors.

"Teachers care deeply about our learning and provided helpful and focused feedback."

93% of students agreed their supervisor modelled professional values in their behaviour and interactions with staff, patients and students.

91% said their supervisor created a supportive learning environment where they could safely ask questions and take initiative.

"I had an excellent preceptor. Wouldn't have been this way without him."

Students want to come back.

More than 85% of students surveyed would love to work at Sunnybrook.