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Life at Sunnybrook

Where to eat

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Other services

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Sunnybrook services 

Sunnybrook libraries »
All Sunnybrook staff, students, trainees, etc. are welcome to use the library and its services at any site. To borrow materials from the library, you must become a registered member. To do that, bring a valid Sunnybrook ID badge and fill out a registration form at the library helpdesk.

Ethics centre »
The Ethics Centre provides ethics support, education and consultation to Sunnybrook staff, students, physicians, patients and their family members.

Sunnybrook Research Institute: Information for Students »

Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is the research enterprise of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. The vision of SRI is to invent the future of health care. Our main aims are to understand and prevent disease, and develop treatments that enhance and extend life. The institute is home to 1,211 research staff and students, including 278 scientists who conduct over $100 million in research annually. Areas of focus mirror those of the hospital: Brain Sciences; Holland Bone and Joint; Odette Cancer; Schulich Heart; St. John’s Rehab; Tory Trauma Program; Veterans Program; and Women & Babies. Scientists at SRI are grouped into three platforms, which are areas of common scientific expertise. These are: biological sciences, evaluative clinical sciences and physical sciences.

Scientists at SRI have made many world-leading breakthroughs, including focused ultrasound surgery to treat tumours and lesions, which is paving the way for doctors to do scalpel-less surgery.

In 2012, SRI launched the $160-million Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics. In this unique facility, scientists, clinicians and their teams are working together to develop new and better ways to detect, diagnose and treat some of the most complex health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, immune deficiencies, stroke and dementia. Sunnybrook Research Institute encourages all students at Sunnybrook to explore opportunities in research, such as attending student seminars. We also offer formal research placements for students.

More information on SRI

Research approval at Sunnybrook »
All human participant research must be approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB).

Technology at Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook Website »
Sunnybrook’s official website can be found at www.sunnybrook.ca. This site is where you will find valuable information about programs and services and current healthcare updates and reliable expertise in various multi-media formats.

Sunnybrook Intranet (Sunnynet) »

While in hospital, all students and staff have access to the Sunnybrook Intranet site at sunnynet.ca.* Sunnynet has current information and tools including updates on work conditions, service request links, policies, staff discount pages, shuttle bus and cafeteria schedules, upcoming events. 

Please note that Sunnybrook’s full policy manual* is available to students on Sunnynet. This Orientation Guide provides an overview of some important information and we encourage you to enhance your knowledge by viewing our full policies (as appropriate to your placement) on Sunnynet.

*This link opens on Sunnynet, a password-protected site

Student health and wellness blog »
Check out health.sunnybrook.ca for tips about student health and wellness. If you would like to contribute to the blog, email education@sunnybrook.ca 

Wireless network, wireless devices & cell phones »

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre has a secure, easily managed Wi-Fi network with complete coverage across Bayview and Holland campuses (SW_guest network using the password sunnybrook), and limited Wi-Fi in select areas of St. John’s. It allows students to access to the Internet from any device, anywhere in the hospital. Please note that the use of cell phones can be disruptive and even unsafe in certain situations. The Sunnybrook policy on these devices is available on Sunnynet.

Please note: Signal strength may be weaker in certain parts of the hospital and during peak usage periods.

Eduroam »
We are now the first hospital in Canada to join eduroam, a free, secure, world-wide roaming wireless Internet access service developed for the international research and education community.

Simulation »
The Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre uses advanced medical simulation technology to train various health care professionals and students.

Student life at Sunnybrook

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