Carol and Ian

After 33 magical years, it was time to say goodbye to the cottage

Ian and Carol Telford had spent summer after summer at their cottage near Gravenhurst, revelling in serene early morning paddles and afternoons spent floating in the cool lake water. But the maintenance on the property had become too much to handle, so they’d decided to put the cottage on the market.

In those three decades, the couple discovered that cottage’s value had grown significantly – and Ian and Carol found themselves with an unexpected windfall.

The Telfords had both had long careers as high-school teachers in Toronto, and they were now comfortably retired. So, they decided to use the money from the cottage to make their annual gift to Sunnybrook. They chose to support cancer research: a cause close to their hearts, as Ian had received excellent care through the successful treatment of prostate cancer.

Not only that, but it gave Carol and Ian another idea: if their cottage had appreciated so much, other assets – like their home – surely had as well. That’s when they decided to include a gift in their Will to Sunnybrook. They feel confident that they’re a part of inventing the future of healthcare, and that their generosity will make a world of difference for the generations that follow.