Dr. William Tran

A personalized approach

Dr. William Tran wants to do more than treat breast cancer. He wants to predict it, so he can personalize his approach and completely transform how we care for one of the most common cancers in the world.

Groundbreaking research like this is made possible because of people who make a legacy gift in their Will to champion Sunnybrook’s personalized breast cancer program and its precision-based medicine.

“The research we’re conducting is entirely funded by generous Sunnybrook donors who have remembered us in their Will,” says Dr. Tran.

His team’s personalized approach to cancer care focuses on obtaining as much information as possible about tumours through rigorous imaging, innovative genetic mapping and high-tech cellular analysis. Using these advanced techniques, Sunnybrook oncologists and scientists are working together to identify biomarkers that determine not only how tumours behave, but also predict how well a patient will respond to treatment.

For patients like Claire, a personalized treatment plan has already made all the difference. When research revealed she was at a high risk for relapse, she opted for chemotherapy after her mastectomy. Now, she’s cancer-free and back to work.

With generous support provided by individuals who have made a legacy gift in their Will, Dr. Tran and his team are able to analyze the biomarkers of thousands of patients with state-of-the-art equipment that his team simply would not have access to otherwise.

“My team and I are so grateful to the supporters of Sunnybook who, years ago, made the decision to include a gift to our hospital in their estate plans,” says Dr. Tran. “We are also inspired by those who are making the same decision today to provide future support to important research.”