Sunnybrook Next Generation

Inspiring the next generation
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Sunnybrook Next Generation

Sunnybrook Next Generation (SNG) is a group of young volunteer advocates and ambassadors for Sunnybrook and it’s foundation. The nascent organization was founded in 2014 and provides an opportunity to work with like-minded peers, form new connections and gain experience in philanthropic volunteer activities.

SNG supports the mission and goals of Sunnybrook by engaging a new generation of supporters through awareness initiatives, fundraising activities, and active participation in the community of Sunnybrook. SNG has and continues to build a strong core group of volunteer leaders who are passionate about Sunnybrook and health care in general.

Through their social calendar and other initiatives, SNG provides professional and social networking opportunities to our membership and the young professional community at large.

And, of course, SNG is a fundraiser. The organization has raised over $1,000,000 since its inception, and raises over $300k annually in support of the Sunnybrook Research Institute and other high priority needs of the hospital.

To donate to the foundation on behalf of SNG, please click here.

Meet the Sunnybrook Next Generation Executive
SNG Executives

Morgan Borins, Chair

Jesse Buckstein, Vice Chair & Co-Chair, Hawks Nest Committee

Emma Macintosh, Secretary

Graeme Barber, Treasurer

Michael Panno, Chair, Nominations and Governance Committee

Katherine Bialczyk, Chair, Marketing and Engagement Committee

Nick Tory, Co-Chair, Membership Engagement Committee

River Hatt, Co-Chair, Membership Engagement Committee

Evan Lyons, Co-Chair, Community Events Committee

Lauren Sanders, Co-Chair, Community Events Committee

Kelly Fleming, Co-Chair, Argyle Cup Committee

Paul Drake, Co-Chair, Argyle Cup Committee

Ben Winograd, Co-Chair, RBC Race Committee

Julie Brown, Co-Chair, RBC Race Committee

Melanie Dowhaniuk, Co-Chair, Champions of Change Committee

Chris Partridge, Co-Chair, Champions of Change Committee

David Tile, Chair, Strategic Partnerships Committee & Co-Chair, Hawks Nest Committee

Sarah Hull, Member at Large

Michelle Choong, Member at Large

Message from the Chair

On behalf of Sunnybrook Next Generation (SNG), welcome! Your interest in our mission and goals is what fuels us to achieve great things while supporting Sunnybrook’s highest priority needs.

Since its inception in 2014, SNG has demonstrated itself as an organization capable of achieving tremendous success in fundraising, community engagement and educational outreach. With the joint efforts of our Executive, Committees and General Membership, we continue to further our accomplishments while helping to invent the future of health care.

We are extremely excited to keep developing our committed group of influential community leaders and we look forward to all of the incredible new developments that we can achieve.

Thank you for your interest in SNG.

Champions of Change

Sunnybrook Next Generation’s Champions of Change is the next chapter in defining how young people can support Sunnybrook’s patients. This group of passionate and energetic philanthropists raises funds and engages new donors in support of exceptional care for the smallest, most fragile babies born at Sunnybrook.

Champions of Change, led by two co-chairs and a small group of founding members, will each make a significant pledge to Sunnybrook and, in so doing, inspire others to follow their lead. Collectively, this investment will have a tremendous impact on the lives of families by bringing state-of-the-art equipment to Sunnybrook, where and when our most vulnerable mothers and babies need it most.

Funds raised from Champions of Change will purchase life-saving incubators and an infant shuttle for our Women & Babies Program, which cares for some the most prematurely born babies in the province. Approximately 300 of the over 4,000 babies born at Sunnybrook each year weigh less than just four pounds. Champions of Change will support urgently needed equipment to help our tiniest patients survive, grow and thrive.


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Sunnybrooks Next Generation is a group of young volunteer advocates and ambassadors. We are constantly looking to swell our ranks. If you are interested in linking up with the team, please do not hesitate to reach out!