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Sunnybrook has been at the global forefront of the pandemic from the very beginning. Ever since we treated the first Canadian COVID-19 patient, Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 research team has produced globally significant work, including early implementation of a hospital-based COVID-19 test. Most importantly, our Sunnybrook scientists were part of a team that isolated the virus responsible for the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

While our front-line care providers treat our patients, your generosity is also driving critical research on COVID-19, including how it impacts the body, how it moves throughout our communities and possible treatments to mitigate its effects. These discoveries are improving our response to COVID-19, at Sunnybrook and beyond! All of this is made possible because of your support.

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SERV research program

Supported by generous donors, the Sunnybrook Translational Research Group for Emerging and Respiratory Viruses (SERV) unites many of Canada’s top infectious diseases specialists and microbiologists to understand the virus, prevent its transmission and better diagnose and treat it.

Learn more about how SERV is working to understand COVID-19.

Learn more about SERV trial

CONCOR-1 trial

Sunnybrook helped lead this large-scale initiative to investigate the therapeutic use of blood plasma from recovered patients as a new treatment for COVID-19. It involved over 50 medical centres in Canada and the United States.

Early donor support provided critical funding to jumpstart the CONCOR-1 trial, demonstrating our strong foundation of community support. On average, clinical trials take 18 months to set up. Thanks to the support of our donors, the CONCOR-1 trial was set up in just over three weeks. The study`s findings are anticipated to be published by May 2021.

Learn more about how plasma may have the potential to treat COVID-19 patients.

CATCO trial

Sunnybrook is the lead hospital for Canadian Treatments for COVID-19 (CATCO), part of the unprecedented World Health Organization Solidarity trial, to test the effectiveness of different drugs and drug combinations in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Learn more about how we are examining the potential of certain drugs to treat COVID-19.


A virtual program helping Sunnybrook patients with COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms manage their recoveries at home, providing support by phone or video.

COVIDEO was created to notify our patients at home that they’ve tested positive for COVID-19, and then ensure they still have access to a support system and close clinical monitoring.

Donor support for this initiative is helping to answer urgent questions during the pandemic and address the pressing need to understand the physical and mental well-being of COVID-19 survivors.

Learn more about how we are supporting COVID-19 patients at home through COVIDEO.

Donor-funded research competition

Five Sunnybrook research projects have been awarded grants by the COVID-19 Research Initiative, an internal funding opportunity created by Sunnybrook Research Institute and funded by the generosity of donors who supported the COVID-19 Response Fund.

Learn more about the five research projects.

Richard Carl

Giving back in more ways than one

Richard never imagined an annual family ski trip to Colorado in late February would be the start of a journey that would see four of his five family members contract the virus.

Having made a full recovery a few weeks later, he wanted to do more.

Read more about how Richard stepped up in the fight against COVID-19