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Racing to find a new treatment for COVID-19

Sunnybrook has been at the global forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic from the very beginning.

Ever since we treated the first Canadian patient, Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 research team has produced globally significant work, including early implementation of a hospital-based COVID-19 test. Most importantly, Sunnybrook scientists isolated the virus responsible for the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. The isolated virus will help researchers in Canada and across the world develop better tests, treatments and vaccines, and gain a better understanding of how the virus is spread.

Still, the fight is far from over. There currently is no effective treatment for COVID-19.

Please join us and support Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Your gift will be put to work immediately to enable vital research already underway.

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SERV research program

The Sunnybrook Translational Research Group for Emerging and Respiratory Viruses (SERV) unites many of Canada’s top infectious disease experts with the goal of understanding the virus, preventing its transmission and better treating it.

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CONCOR-1 trial

Sunnybrook is helping lead this pan-Canadian initiative to investigate the therapeutic use of blood plasma from recovered patients as a new treatment for COVID-19.

Learn more about the CONCOR-1 trial

CATCO trial

Sunnybrook is the lead hospital for Canadian Treatments for COVID-19 (CATCO), part of the unprecedented World Health Organization Solidarity trial, to test the effectiveness of different drugs and drug combinations in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Learn more about the CATCO trial

HEROs trial

Together with University Health Network and several other hospitals, Sunnybrook is assessing an antimalarial drug’s ability to prevent coronavirus infections in front-line staff.

Called the HEalth Care Worker pROphylaxis (HEROs) Trial, it's one of the world's first randomized controlled studies of hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infections in essential frontline staff in the ED and Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Richard Carl

Giving back in more ways than one

On May 1, 2020, Richard Carl became the first person in Toronto to donate his blood plasma as part of a promising clinical trial coordinated by Sunnybrook that could be a breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19.

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