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On December 4, 2012, Sunnybrook launched its Dine & Discover program with the help of renowned chef Mark McEwan. Click here for pictures of this very special night.


Funds raised from your Dine & Discover Supper Club will allow us to purchase the most advanced equipment and recruit the best minds to conduct life-saving research that will change the way patients are treated at Sunnybrook and beyond.

Tomorrow, we will discover ways to treat the untreatable - with your help.

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Presented by renowned chef, Mark McEwan, Dine & Discover Supper Club is an exclusive dinner fundraiser that brings you and your friends together for an unforgettable evening with one of Sunnybrook’s top minds, while helping us raise funds that will invent the future of health care.

A Sunnybrook researcher – one of Canada’s best and brightest – will attend your dinner and give you and your guests an exclusive peek into world-leading medical innovation. Your guests will come away from your dinner knowing their support of research will make a difference in the lives of patients at Sunnybrook and around the world.