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At Sunnybrook, we take on the cases others have labelled as impossible to fix, treat or heal. To us, impossible is not insurmountable – it's a challenge we meet with expertise and compassion. We're on the cutting edge of health care. Bring us your worst and you will find our best. This is where impossible becomes I’m Possible.

I'm possible stories


David was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer and brain scans revealed 15 tumours in his brain. Sunnybrook gave him more time to spend with his family.

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Myla was 36 weeks pregnant with twins when doctors found a blood clot in her brain and told her family there was nothing they could do. That’s when the team from Sunnybrook stepped in.

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Claire spent her career supporting patients with cancer, but after one phone call on her 57th birthday, she became one of those patients.

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Five months after a below-the-knee amputation, Aristotle ran his first 5k race and has never looked back.

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Iranna was trapped under the crushing weight of depression until doctors at Sunnybrook gave her hope for a bright future.

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Charlotte’s OCD was debilitating, but she is now managing the compulsions and obsessions that trapped her in her home for years.

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Prince returned to the stage after a devastating fire covered his body in third-degree burns, took both his arms and – almost – his life.

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After being diagnosed with a serious heart condition, Carolyn dreaded the thought of open heart surgery. A new non-invasive procedure repaired her heart and gave her her life back.

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The forefront of Innovation

Breaking The Blood-Brain Barrier

With a world-first procedure pioneered at Sunnybrook, the blood-brain barrier is no longer an impassable fortress.

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A New Treatment for Severe OCD

Sunnybrook’s Intensive Residential Program offers treatment for patients with OCD too severe for other treatments.

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Cancer Ablation Therapy Program

Sunnybrook’s three new cutting edge radiation technologies will provide individualized, precision care to more patients.

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Focused Ultrasound Used to Treat Alzheimer’s

In a historic first, Sunnybrook scientists used ultrasound to safely and non-invasively breach the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s patients.

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Scalpel-Free Surgery For Essential Tremor

An international trial made a breakthrough in treating essential tremors.

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Prenatal Dialysis

Sunnybrook provides life-saving dialysis to pregnant women.

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