These kids are taking their best shot against COVID-19

September 23, 2020

Like all of us, Max, Bram and Jesse wanted to do their part in the fight against COVID-19 – and they knew exactly how.

Avid sports fans, the Grade 7 boys created a sports-themed fundraising campaign, the aptly named Take Your Shot.

“We came up with the idea of kids promising to take 1,000 shots over the next month in whatever sport they like, and reaching out to friends and family to pledge their support,” says Max, who had recently participated in a Project Give Back class that taught students the value of giving back by showing them how to host a fundraiser.

“We thought of the name because we just figured everyone was taking shots, and it was a pretty good pun too!”

Within days of the campaign’s launch the 12-year-olds exceeded their $2,500 goal to raise $3,500 for COVID-19 research at Sunnybrook.

Max, Jesse and Bram all chose hockey, and were joined by four more friends, who decided to take shots in the favourite sports: basketball, baseball and soccer.

Now the boys are now upping their respective games to take 1,000 more shots toward a new fundraising target of $5,000 by October 20.

Asked why the boys decided to support COVID-19 research at Sunnybrook, the answer is clear: “We’re all hoping for a vaccine and a cure,” says Jesse. “We can’t wait for all the fun things we love to come back!” adds Bram.

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