You can volunteer on the afternoon of Sunday, November 10 and help plant 47,500 Canadian flags on the Sunnybrook grounds creating a patriotic sea of red and white. Our veterans will awaken on Remembrance Day knowing that you care about their great sacrifice.

We welcome groups like Scouts, Guides and Cadets to plant flags in the ground deep enough so they don’t blow away. In specific areas we do require a high degree of adult supervision. An adult is considered a person who is 18 years of age or older. If you are organizing a children’s or youth group as volunteers, please keep this in mind as you may need to enlist the support of additional adult volunteers.

Age Range

Ratio of Adults to Children

Under 5

1 adult to 1 child


1 adult to 3 children


1 adult to 5 children


1 adult to 10 children

To register please complete this form. You will receive your Volunteer Information Package with all the details no later than October 31.