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While COVID-19 has changed life as we know it, members of our community — of all ages — continue to come together in new and creative ways to support Sunnybrook’s fight against the pandemic.

Painting with a purpose

When Micah (pictured above) decided to use his paintings of flowers to raise money for Sunnybrook, he wasn't confident he'd reach his $100 goal. Now he’s exceeded it by nearly 20-fold, raising close to $2,000 for Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

"I remember Micah thought asking for a $10 donation in exchange for a painting was too much. We thought it would be just close family and friends pitching in," says his mom Samara. "But so many people have stepped up to support his efforts."

Sunnybrook was an obvious choice because of its vital research — and because he was born there just nine years ago.

Not your average slumber party

Childhood friends Abbey, 18, Brooke, 17, and Eva, 18, decided to reconnect with a COVID-era version of a good old-fashioned slumber party.

They encouraged friends to buy tickets and spent the night together over a video messaging platform, playing games, eating junk food and connecting with each other. The virtual hosts shared the money they raised with Sunnybrook, to support those on the front lines of the pandemic.

"Even something simple like hanging out with your friends over Zoom can make a difference," says Abbey. “Our slumber party shows that — no matter your age — there’s always a way to step up and help."

100 kilometres before 100

One step at a time has taken on a special meaning for World War II Veteran 99-year-old George, who has begun a campaign to walk around the path in his retirement home’s garden more than 1,500 times, totalling 100 kilometres before he turns 100.

Concerned about how future pandemics might affect his three great-grandchildren, George aims to raise $100,000 for vital research by his birthday next spring. He’s committed to supporting both his local hospital and Sunnybrook, where he had life-saving brain surgery five years ago.

George outside
World War II Veteran 99-year-old George on the day he reached his 100-kilometre goal.

George's efforts have inspired support from far and wide. His daughter Sylvia created a GoFundMe account for his campaign, which has helped to raise more than $34,000 and counting. In June, the Galt Family Foundation announced it is prepared to match all donations made to George up to $100,000.

George has already surpassed the 50-kilometre mark. Says Sylvia: “He even said if he surpasses the 100, he’ll just keep on going as long as the donations keep coming in.”

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