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"I feel strongly that life cannot be just about you. If it is, then you've missed the mark," says patient care manager Mary Glavassevich, who works in Sunnybrook’s surgical oncology unit.

This lifelong belief has helped shape Mary’s career at Sunnybrook, which spans an incredible 51 years — and counting.

At Sunnybrook, Mary's devotion to the clinical team she supervises and her patients is well-known. But she is also celebrated for her unofficial role as Sunnybrook’s "fundraising queen.”

That’s because Mary has raised tens of thousands in support of Sunnybrook over the years. In fact, after eight years of consistently winning a top fundraiser award, she was told to “just keep” the event’s annual plaque.

Mary credits her fundraising success to her genuine passion for Sunnybrook and ability to connect with others.

Mary and Andy
Mary Glavassevich is celebrated for her 50 years at Sunnybrook by Dr. Andy Smith, President and CEO of Sunnybrook.
Patient care manager Mary Glavassevich has raised tens of thousands of dollars in support of Sunnybrook over the years.

Case in point: a grateful patient was inspired to donate $12,500 on the spot to Mary’s campaign for the RBC Race for the Kids after just speaking with Mary about how Sunnybrook transforms countless lives.

The RBC Race for the Kids supports Sunnybrook's Family Navigation Project, which helps young people with mental health and addiction issues and their families find the care they need.

Most recently, Mary raised $18,000 for the 2019 RBC Race for the Kids.

Mary's belief in philanthropy was instilled by her mother during her childhood on the island of Monteserrat. "We grew vegetables and she would always give her best ones to someone else," recalls Mary, who left her beloved family at age 19 to pursue a career in nursing.

"We pass through life so fast," says Mary. "My mother showed me there has to be something we can do to make it better."

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