Prostate Health
Golf Classic

Driving for Prostate Cancer Research

One of Sunnybrook's top prostate cancer experts also became one of its top fundraisers in 2018. Dr. Robert Nam, head of genitourinary oncology, co-chaired the first annual Prostate Health Classic on Aug. 29, which raised $300,000 to fund life-saving prostate cancer research.

Held at the Granite Golf Club in Stouffville, Ont., the Prostate Health Classic attracted a wide range of philanthropic golfers, including many of Dr. Nam's grateful patients.

"The tournament was terrific," says Dr. Nam, who credits his co-chairs Claudio D'Uva and Ken Shaw with making the event a "huge success."

The proceeds are supporting one of Dr. Nam's ongoing clinical trials that is comparing the diagnostic capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) versus the widely used PSA blood test. Previous research suggests that MRI may detect cancer more accurately, which could lead to better outcomes for patients.

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