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Congestive Heart Failure

What Causes CHF?

  • CHF is a frequent symptom of other heart problem
  • Develops gradually
  • Most common causes of CHF are: 
    • Coronary artery disease/ myocardial infarction (damage from a heart attack).
    • Hypertension (high blood pressure) 
    • Cardiomyopathy (disease of the heart muscle) 
    • Heart valve abnormalities
    • Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm). 
    • Congenital heart defects (occurring at birth). 
    • Toxic substances (excessive alcohol or drug abuse, and some environmental toxins)

Sometimes no specific cause is identified in younger patients, but some are:

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • kidney disease
  • anemia
  • pregnancy
  • viral infections or inflammation of the heart (myocarditis)