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2020 Education Research & Scholarship Grants

July 9, 2020

Sunnybrook Education Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2020 Research & Scholarship Grants. The call for proposals was highly competitive, and after a rigorous review and selection process, eight of the research interprofessional teams were successful and will be awarded funding for two years to complete their research.

At Sunnybrook, education is foundational to inventing the future of healthcare. In order to continue to lead, our research teams are searching and finding the best ways to educate our learners, staff, patients and families through innovative and important research questions.

The 2020 Education Research & Scholarship Grant recipients are:

Mikki Campbell

Co-Investigators: Laura D’Alimonte, Darby Erler, Sara Morassaei, Jennifer Croke
Title: “Defining Requisite Knowledge, Skills & Best Practices for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Radiation Therapy using a Delphi Process”

Lisa Di Prospero

Co-Investigators: Sara Morassaei, Sander Hitzig, Izabella Kaczmarek, Craig Dale, Elizabeth McLaney, Nadine Janes, Jennifer Croke, Laura D’Alimonte
Title: “Building Research Capacity among Clinicians: Exploring interprofessional experiences and recommendations on mentorship in an academic health sciences centre”

Alayne Kealey

Co-Investigators: Catherine M. Walsh, Fahad Alam, Clyde Matava, Lisa Bahrey
Title: “Validation of a Novel Resident Assessment Tool to Support a Competency-based Medical Education Curriculum”

Dominique Piquette

Co-Investigators: Karen Burns, Peter Dodek, Aimee Sarti, Mika Hamilton.
Title: “Exploring Moral Orientation, Moral Decision-Making, and Moral Distress among Medical Students, Residents, and New Faculty: A mixed-methods study”

Agnes Ryzynski

Co-Investigators: Andrew Wan, Fahad Alam, Jane Huang, Ellie Lee, Ed Etchells, Lesley Gotlib Conn, Guna Budrevics
Title: “Improving the Patient Experience at the Pre-Anaesthesia Clinic”

*Jointly Funded by the ERU & PBRI

Giovanna Sirianni

Co-Investigators: Dori Seccareccia, Irene Ying
Title: “A Qualitative Study Exploring the Potential Role of the About Empathy Podcast as a Medical Education Teaching Tool”

Marina Wasilewski

Co-Investigators: Larry Robinson, Sander Hitzig, Amanda Mayo, Robert Simpson, Lesley Gotlib Conn, Crystal McKay, Mary Grace Grossi, Monica Cassin, Paolo Polese, Andrew Lawlor
Title: “Exploring the Role of Peer Support in Trauma Patients' Recovery Journey”

Julian Wiegelmann

Co-Investigators: Fahad Alam, Jordan Tarshis, Lilia Kaustov
Title: “HoloSIM: The way forward in complex crisis”