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Sunnybrook and Evident to provide cost-effective, Canadian-made system for managing hospital information

May 30, 2019


Today, Sunnybrook and Evident, a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) systems and services and CPSI company, announced they will build on their existing partnership by creating a first, made-in-Canada, Hospital Information System (HIS) solution.

SunnyCare, Sunnybrook’s clinical workflow solution, and Evident’s Thrive EHR platform will come together to offer a unique alternative for managing hospital information. The organizations will also establish a Canadian Innovation Centre to improve patient outcomes.

The SunnyCare solution was developed in-house at Sunnybrook with the input of clinical teams across the hospital. User response to the SunnyCare solution has been very positive, as it is easy to use on both mobile and desktop platforms and handles large and varied amounts of data smoothly. Together, SunnyCare and Thrive will create a distinct system that will offer hospitals across Canada another option for managing their information.

“Health information systems are increasingly becoming too costly for hospitals and health systems to implement and maintain. This market needs a cost-effective HIS platform that meets the demands of enabling quality patient outcomes,” said Dr. Andy Smith, president and chief executive officer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. “It will also contribute to clinician wellness by helping them manage caseloads more efficiently and effectively.”

“Combining Evident’s 40-year history and success in installing and supporting over 900 hospitals with on-time, on-budget solutions, with the proven clinical user-centered design of the SunnyCare system, I’m confident that we can deliver a unique experience for the Canadian market that will help ensure affordable healthcare delivery,” added Sam Marafioti, vice-president, corporate strategy and development, and chief information officer at Sunnybrook.

“We are committed to continually finding ways to improve our offerings and make healthcare delivery better,” said Boyd Douglas, president and chief executive officer of CPSI. “Partnering with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is integral to our success in bringing a truly user-centered experience for clinicians in the Canadian market.”

Together, Sunnybrook and Evident will create a Canadian HIS Innovation Centre, located in Toronto. The Centre will share best practices and leverage each organization’s collective strengths in product development and system implementations. They will advance quality patient care by improving clinical workflow and provider usability across all care settings.

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