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Sunnybrook is re-processing N95 masks, should the need for use arise

April 8, 2020


Based on existing evidence, as well as advice from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Sunnybrook is sterilizing N95 masks to prepare them for safe re-use, should the need arise.

Safely sterilizing N95 masks is one step we are taking in our efforts to conserve our supply of masks and other protective equipment. Across the health-care system, there is an impending shortage of personal protective equipment that is critical in keeping our health-care workers and patients safe. This shortage is affecting our supply of N95 masks in particular.

Watch: Dr. Jerome Leis, medical director of infection prevention and control, explains how and why the hospital is taking this step

N95 masks are sterilized in our Medical Devices Reprocessing Centre, where equipment such as surgical instruments are reprocessed every day.

Studies across Canada have shown that re-processed N95 masks maintain their integrity and effectiveness.

See how this sterilization process works

We will only move to using these reprocessed N95 masks if our current supply is depleted.

If you have N95 masks, or other medical masks and protective equipment, please donate it to our front-line staff who need it most. Learn more at