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Congratulations to our 2021 Bertin Award winners!

June 28, 2021


The Bertin Award for Excellence in Customer Service recognizes individuals who exemplify the values of Sunnybrook and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Named after former Board of Directors member Paul Bertin, the award honours and celebrates non-clinical staff who regularly demonstrate excellence in their work.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Meet the winners and read some words of support from their nominators, below (text has been edited for length and clarity):

Don Bergman, Lead Hand, Carpentry Shop, Plant Operations & Maintenance

“Don Bergman exudes customer service excellence and lives our hospital’s values every day. He is a collaborative leader, grounded in accountability. Don likes to include everyone in the process and leads with respect.

Sometimes Don is called in to assist on projects requiring a high level of knowledge and coordination with limited time and resources. One of the challenges faced is the disconnect between clinical and constructional knowledge. Don has the ability to create inclusion in these difficult times by creating a safe space for anyone to contribute to the process or ask questions. He has the ability to rally those around him towards success.”

Mohammed Dawud, Network Support Analyst, Information Services/ Client Services

“From inception of employment with Sunnybrook, Mohammed has been and continues to be consistent in his delivery of excellent service, upholds the Sunnybrook Code of Conduct, goes beyond the call of duty at all times and continuously receives the same feedback from his clients (including SLT, physicians, clinicians and peers).

Mohammed assumes full responsibility for his work and seeks to promote a team-building, inclusive environment. He promotes diversity of opinions, listens when he is being spoken to and acknowledges feedback when extended. No matter the situation, the task at hand or user dynamics, Mohammed is consistently kind, gentle and is client-centric to the core. He fundamentally exemplifies Sunnybrook respect and vision.”

Sianica Galzote, Patient Administrative Associate, COVID Assessment Centre

“Sianica has been an intergral part of Sunnybrook’s COVID Assessment Centre since its inception in March of 2020. Throughout these uncertain times, her pleasant and respectful demeanor, as well as her willingness to help the patients coming through our clinic, has been felt by both patients and those with whom she works.

In her role as PAA, Sianica effortlessly helps patients to navigate our clinic. She understands ways in which our processes can be improved, thereby improving patient flow. Sianica is an excellent team player, often keenly taking on new-hire orientation opportunities, which then result in an overall improved work environment based on the principles of respect and support.”

Katie Knapp, Project Coordinator, Program Administration, St. John’s Rehab

“Katie is the consummate customer service professional. Not only is her voice the first encounter that any caller hears when telephoning St. John's Rehab, but she is the first person staff will seek out for clarification on most matters. If there are ever any unanswered questions, Katie will know the answer, and if she doesn't, she will endeavor to find the answer for you as quickly as possible.

Katie understands the nuances of the rehab program and knows exactly when to reach across campuses to collaborate. She demonstrates exceptional professionalism and customer service in all that she does. She is such a valued colleague and team member across all teams at St. John's Rehab.”

Stephanie Kulczyski, Senior Secretary, Radiation Therapy

“Stephanie embodies all of the Sunnybrook values but most especially the values of excellence, collaboration and accountability. Not only is Stephanie exceptional in her defined role but she consistently goes beyond what is expected of her to improve the experience of patients and their families as well as the work environment within the radiation therapy department.

She wholly embodies the mission, vision and values of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. She greets every person that she encounters on a daily basis with a smile and exhibits respectful behaviour regardless of their role or reason for coming to the cancer center. She is supportive, patient, empathetic and thoughtful in her professional activities. She recognizes that all team members (colleagues and patients) are integral to the organization’s success.”

Javed Suchit, Patient Administrative Associate, Sunnybrook Reactivation Care Centre

“When we think about Javed, we think about a calming, respectful presence. He values each patient, family, and staff member for what they bring to an interaction. His affect, tone, patience, and demeanor create a respectful space for everyone to work.

In the midst of this pandemic, he has been a steadfast source of support for our entire team here. One standout example is when Javed took a leading role in the coordination of virtual visits for patients and families. This was not part of his role, nor is it an expectation. He recognized how important it was for patients and families, and the strain it had on our team to facilitate all of these visits. He kept the schedule, communicated with families, and was always available to assist. He exudes respectfulness and collaboration in all that he does. He is widely respected for the hard work and leadership he brings to his PAA role.”