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Congratulations to our 2022 Bertin Award winners!

August 9, 2022


The Bertin Award for Excellence in Customer Service recognizes individuals who exemplify the values of Sunnybrook and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Named after former Board of Directors member, Paul Bertin, the award honours and celebrates non-clinical staff who regularly demonstrate excellence in their work.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Meet the winners and read some words of support from their nominators, below (text has been edited for length and clarity):

Bahati David-Debo, Patient Administrative Associate, Veterans’ Centre

“Behati or ‘Bee’ as she is known by all who know her, has exhibited exceptional customer service at Sunnybrook since 1998. She has been a Patient Administrative Associate in the Veterans’ Centre since 2006 and her presence is felt every day.

Besides being exemplary at fulfilling her daily duties, Bee goes beyond expectations. For example, if the unit is short staffed she often assists with resident tray deliveries or accompanies residents to activities or appointments when volunteers or Patient Service Partners are not available. Her high standard of service is apparent when she is interacting with the veterans/residents and their family members. She is there without hesitation to encourage, console, problem solve or listen during troubling times.”

Paul Johnson, Patient Service Partner, Operating Room

“Absolutely without any doubt, Paul is one of the best employees in the Operating Room (OR). Our priority is patient safety and he goes beyond the standard of care. He is there and willing to help when you call him. He has been with Sunnybrook for over 30 years now, and it reflects in his actions the love that he has for his work.

Paul’s professional behaviour is outstanding. He is always calm even during the most stressful situation in the OR. He makes sure that the patient is comfortable and safe in the OR bed before leaving the room. He respects everyone’s opinion and listens attentively. Paul is a great team player and earns the respect of everyone he meets because of his outstanding behaviour and attitude.”

Leni Palambiano, Food Services Provider, Food Services

“Leni is an incredible Food Services Provider. She works at Sunny’s in the Veteran’s Centre and always shows such high levels of respect for the Veterans and the staff. She is so caring and exemplifies patient-focused care.

On top of her regular job duties, she goes above and beyond to ensure everyone she serves receives their order in a quick manner. She is aware of the limitations some of the Veterans may experience so she can often be seen carrying Veteran’s orders to them at their table. Her ability to remember everyone’s (Veteran and staff) “typical” order is remarkable. She takes such pride in serving her customers and always greets them with a smile.”

Neville Stewart, Environmental Services Partner, Holland Centre

“We heard it loud and clear – everyone loves working with Neville. He is customer service at its best and with an added personal touch. Neville has been a loyal and dedicated Environmental Services Partner for over 15 years supporting patients, families, visitors and staff at Sunnybrook’s Holland Centre.

Neville has a busy schedule but takes the time to say hello, check in with you and efficiently move on to the next area with an energetic good night greeting. He is a hard worker who takes pride in doing a great job. He manages to lift people’s spirits in such a genuine and natural manner and with such ease. What strikes us most about Neville is that he is so sincere and he truly cares – anyone who interacts with him walks away with a smile and with an extra pep in their step.”

Jeff Titus, Patient Administrative Associate, Holland Centre

“Jeff is an integral part of the Holland Centre and then jumped to respond to the global emergency, moving to Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre at its inception in March 2020 and staying on until it closed in January 2022. Throughout the uncertain times, his ability to collaborate provided a balancing and steadying approach with patients, families and staff that has been appreciated and welcomed by everyone.

Jeff effortlessly role models professional behaviour and protects and promotes diversity of opinions, traditions and experiences. While the pandemic has been a stressful, rapidly evolving time, Jeff provided leadership, a sense of calm and helped to manage many competing demands and rally together a team that was high performing, providing the highest level of customer service.”