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If you are pregnant, now is the season to get vaccinated!

November 7, 2019


It’s that time of year again…no, not the holiday season quite yet, but winter is quickly approaching and with it the dreaded flu season?!

Did you know that pregnant patients are at higher risk of complications from the influenza virus??

Your body undergoes so many changes during pregnancy – making it harder to fight off infections.

Patients who are sick with the flu during pregnancy are at higher risk of hospital admissions, serious complications and admission to intensive care units.

Just like keeping a healthy diet, exercising, getting enough sleep and taking your prenatal vitamins – think of immunizations as a way of protecting your body from disease.

If you are pregnant, you should see your healthcare provider, local public health unit or community flu shot clinics and get vaccinated! That way you can protect yourself and produce some immunity for the little life you’re growing inside.

Flu vaccines are recommended at any point in your pregnancy!

While they do offer protection, you should also make sure you remember to practice good hand hygiene, hydrate and try to avoid direct contact with people who are sick.

Get your family and loved ones vaccinated as well!

Be an advocate and help us reach the community. Hopefully together we can spread this important message!

Here is some additional information about the different types of vaccines offered and data about the flu: