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A milestone for Sunnybrook’s Complex Malignant Hematology program

February 24, 2021


Sunnybrook’s Complex Malignant Hematology program welcomed its first patient day 1 post autologous stem cell transfer last week.

Historically Sunnybrook patients who require an autologous stem cell transplant are transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital, where their stem cells are harvested and reinfused/transplanted. Autologous stem cell transplants are used to treat lymphoma and multiple myeloma cancers.

Previously, patients would then remain at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for their recovery after reinfusion. The in-patient stay is typically around 21-28 days.

Now, in a move to create more system capacity, Sunnybrook patients will return to Sunnybrook (K3C) on the same day their stem cells are reinfused/transplanted. This will allow Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to do more stem cell treatments and increase access to this life-saving treatment. We anticipate we will admit 18-20 day 1 Auto Stem Cell patients per year.

Thank you to the Sunnybrook and Princess Margaret teams who have made this possible.