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Your Health Matters – Jan/Feb 2016

In this issue: One heart surgery, two state-of-the-art procedures; Light therapy can treat non-seasonal depression, too; Treating deadly aneurysms less invasively; Do any cold remedies actually work? Poor sleep linked to hardened brain arteries and strokes in seniors; A year of healthy eating tips.

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Your Health Matters - Nov/Dec 2015

In this issue: A world first: Sunnybrook unlocks barrier and possibly new ways of treating brain disease; Patients become teachers; Tulips, trees and tributes to honour our role in freedom; Why you may not know you're having a heart attack; A legacy of advancing mental health awareness and care; Rapid Referral Clinic celebrates five years and 5,000 patients.

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Your Health Matters - Sept/Oct 2015

In this issue: Experts urge early monitoring for heart disease in teens with mood disorders; Seeking input from our virtual community; Why the elderly are less likely to survive burn injuries; Burn centre ranked "best of the best" in the world; It's okay to ask your doctor, "Did you clean your hands?"; Sunnybrook participates in Nuit Blanche; and more.

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Your Health Matters – July/August 2015

In this issue: Poor sleep may affect brain's ability to clear toxins linked with disease; "Do you do that laparoscopically?"; How to counteract (some) drug allergies; Research to improve care from the frontlines; 5 sunscreen myths debunked; Get ready for your next fitness challenge; Drive safe: Keep your eyes and mind on the road; Legendary trauma textbook continues to set global standard.

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Your Health Matters – May/June 2015

In this issue: Therapy improves survival for younger brain cancer patients; Sunnybrook nurses saluted as heroes; Sleeping Pills: Why don't they help me anymore?; New technology helps make right fit for people with orthotics; Sunnybrook leads in cleaning and sterilizing medical devices; Senior leaders shadow volunteers; and much more.

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