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Your Nutrition Connection provides information and practical strategies on nutrition topics and their links to health, including breast cancer risk.  It's produced by the Partners in Nutrition Education and Research at the Odette Cancer Centre and the School of Nutrition at Ryerson University.

How to Contact UsTo contact a Registered Dietitian, call the Patient and Family Support Program, Odette Cancer Centre, at 416-480-4623.

The Plant-Based Diet and Breast Cancer Risk

Inside: information on the plant-based diet and its link to health, including breast cancer risk.


Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Recommendations for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

Inside: evidence-based recommendations for reducing cancer risk, including breast cancer.


How to Assess Your Body Weight

Inside: Information on how to assess your body weight and the link between body weight and breast cancer risk.


Healthy Body Weight and Breast Cancer Risk

Inside: Information about achieving and staying at a healthy body weight and health, focusing on breast cancer risk.


Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Risk

Inside: Information on physical activity and your health, including breast cancer risk