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About Prediction of Alzheimer's

Changes related to memory and cognition are generally recognized as a normal part of the aging process. For some however, these changes may reflect a greater propensity to develop Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and dementias of various other etiologies. Currently, potential interventions to delay and possibly prevent the onset of AD and other dementias are being investigated. Identification of those who are at greater risk of before its onset may be beneficial for clinicians, allowing them to explore preventative health measures and to more closely monitor disease development in patients.

We identified cognitive tests that may be useful in early identification in the two studies below.

Tierney, MC, Herrmann, N, Geslani, D & Szalai, JP. Contribution of informant and patient ratings to the accuracy of the Mini-Mental State Examination in predicting probable Alzheimer's disease. Journal of the American Geriatric Society 2003; 51 (6): 813-818.

Tierney, MC, Moineddin, R & McDowell, I. Prediction of all-cause dementia using neuropsychological tests within 10 and 5 years of diagnosis in a community-based sample. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2010; 22 (4)

This site provides the calculation of the predicted probability of developing either AD, using the Alzheimer’s Predictor Calculator, or of dementia of various etiologies, using the Dementia Predictor Calculator.

Additional information concerning Alzheimer’s disease are available online at The Alzheimer Society of Canada and The Alzheimer’s Association.