Research Software Support Team
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Team members

Anne Martel, PhD

Program Authority

Dr. Martel is a senior scientist at SRI whose research is focused on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract diagnostic and prognostic information from medical and microscopy images. She has more than 20 years of experience in creating software for medical image analysis and has expertise in segmentation, registration, computer-aided detection and diagnosis, and pathology image analysis.

Michael Schumaker, PhD

Team Lead

As team lead, Michael is responsible for project management, communication, and contributing to software development. He has six years of experience developing software for medical research, four of which have been with Sunnybrook Research Institute, addressing a range of disease targets. His undergraduate education had a dual focus on physics and computer science, and he completed his PhD in physics at the University of Guelph in 2009.

Naghmeh Ansari

Research Software Developer

Naghmeh is currently completing her Master’s in Software Engineering at Concordia University, developing a navigation guiding system for ventriculostomy using augmented reality. She has been involved with various healthcare projects during her surgical innovation fellowship at McGill University that led to launching a startup, Nura Medical. As a member of the Research Software Support Team she is using her knowledge in medical image processing, visualization systems and libraries, 3D modeling and AR/VR programming to facilitate projects for researchers.

Ishita Ray, MASc

Research Software Developer

As a software developer with the Research Software Support Team, Ishita solves technical problems for researchers at SRI and creates software tools that accelerate research projects. Ishita completed her Master’s in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto and joined Sunnybrook Research Institute in 2020. Her past projects have included building and optimizing data analysis systems for streaming health data, leveraging distributed architecture such as cloud and edge computing. Her work so far at Sunnybrook has included medical image analysis using distributed computing and machine learning.