ElektraInterning at Sunnybrook's focused ultrasound lab was really life-changing for me. I got hands-on experience in research, and really saw how the world of research works—from lab meetings, to experiments, to taking notes, to learning from others and more. This experience refined many of my science and math skills, as well as my professionalism, time management, teamwork and many other skills. The lab community is so welcoming and friendly. All of my supervisors and co-supervisors were amazing and patient, despite my entering with only a fraction of the knowledge they have. The other students were brilliant and inspiring, and I am so happy to have met them. I was amazed at how Dr. Kullervo Hynynen and the lab manager, Kristina Mikloska, manage to keep things running, yet care about us interns as well. While this is a huge commitment, it will stick with one forever and is so valuable. I am currently studying at the University of British Columbia, something I never thought would happen. I hope to continue in the STEM fields in the future and will never forget my summers at the focused ultrasound lab.

— Elektra Lindquist-Dakogiannis

SimonAfter two summers working with the focused ultrasound lab, I feel that my experiences have better prepared me for the workplace and have influenced my serious consideration of a career in research over industry. I worked on software development during both terms, contributing to one of the major projects in the lab involving acoustic confirmation of blood-brain barrier opening. From my first day to my last, the work continually challenged me and provided invaluable learning opportunities to build technical and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, seminars offered to our student cohort exposed me to Sunnybrook Research Institute’s cutting-edge advances in medicine every week. The research environment and hands-on experience offered by the focused ultrasound lab is unparalleled by any summer high-school research programs, and I hope it continues to impact aspiring students across the Greater Toronto Area.

— Simon Liu