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Congratulations, Dr. Bev Orser!

October 25, 2019


Dr. Beverley Orser, co-founder and co-director of the Perioperative Brain Health Centre, was inducted into the National Academy of Medicine

Dr. Orser was elected to this prestigious organization in October 2018 for her groundbreaking discoveries in anesthesia and cognitive impairment.

The research in Dr. Orser’s laboratory addresses three questions that have perplexed scientists for over a century: How do anesthetics depress brain function? What are their adverse effects? How can such adverse effects be treated?

Members are elected on the basis of outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service. It is considered one of the prestigious honors in the field of health sciences and medicine. Dr. Orser is one of two Canadians that was elected and granted this highest honour this year.

Please join us congratulating Dr. Beverley Orser!

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