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The power of giving: The fight against brain disease

November 3, 2019


Our continued research is not possible without the generosity of donors, scientists, volunteers, residents, and their families. We are pleased to bring you stories about how our research is dedicated to the fight against brain disease. In this article we invite you to celebrate with us the first successful year of the PBHC – an idea conceived 3 years ago by a group of Clinician Scientists in the Anesthesia Department at Sunnybrook HSC.

In 2018, a ‘love affair’ between the Department of Anesthesia and Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) become a reality with the establishment of the PBHC. The PBHC promotes excellence in neuroscience for the benefit of humanity by bridging basic science and clinical research with technology and is striving to educate patients about brain health worldwide. Illness, science and healthcare have no borders: we believe that research that proves beneficial here in Canada could ultimately benefit the whole world.

We hope for a better future, a future where there is a cure for disease. We truly believe that the role of philanthropy is to support and cherish the infrastructure that facilitates ground-breaking research for the benefit of society. We would greatly appreciate any support that would help our multidisciplinary efforts to advance brain health research and discover new therapies.

In conclusion, we would like to site the quotation by Mary Lasker, an American health activist and philanthropist, who said “If you think research is expensive, try disease!

Those who would like to know how they can help to improve brain health may contact or visit

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