Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program celebrates summer students at annual presentation day
The half-day event included opening remarks from Research Director Dr. Clement Hamani, research presentations from students, and award presentations.
SRI Student Network conference showcases research excellence
From electrical injury and SARS-CoV-2 variants, to cardiothoracic surgery research in the media, the research of Sunnybrook graduate and professional stream students covered a wide range of compelling topics at the Sunnybrook Student Research Conference (SSRC) hosted last week.
Study reveals certain stomach acid suppressants hasten Alzheimer's in those with mild cognitive decline
Study led by researchers at Sunnybrook Research Institute
A common diabetes medication may slow memory decline in Alzheimer's disease
Researchers at Sunnybrook Research Institute and the University of Toronto found that the rate of memory decline was slower in people with Alzheimer’s disease taking a specific class of anti-diabetic drug, known as a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP4) inhibitor.
In the first preclinical study of its kind, researchers use focused ultrasound to deliver treatment to help boost health of brain cells affected by Alzheimer’s
Breakthrough targets restoring the function of neurons vital to learning and memory
Budding brain scientists battle for supremacy
Four trainees at Sunnybrook Research Institute take home awards at the Hurvitz Brain Sciences Research Retreat poster competition
Research team's work on T cells inches toward clinic
Basic science discovery that early T cells, made from stem cells, can develop into mature T cells could change treatment of people with deficient immune systems
Stroke for stroke: How Rui Xu manages his PhD project while being a varsity rower
Trainees’ Post with Rui Xu
Striking a balance: Stecia-Marie Fletcher finds harmony in music amid PhD demands
Trainees' Post with Stecia-Marie Fletcher
Sunnybrook Research Institute’s Peer Network creates a sense of community among trainees
Through professional seminars and social events, the group bridges the gap between students in different labs

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