Budding brain scientists battle for supremacy
Four trainees at Sunnybrook Research Institute take home awards at the Hurvitz Brain Sciences Research Retreat poster competition
Research team's work on T cells inches toward clinic
Basic science discovery that early T cells, made from stem cells, can develop into mature T cells could change treatment of people with deficient immune systems
Scientist discovers T cell development starts in the bone marrow
Research team’s finding disproves the long-held belief that T cell development begins in the thymus
Dr. Yacine Touahri
A globetrotting postdoc offers up words of wisdom to his pre-SRI self
Dr. Yacine Touahri stresses the importance of awareness
Reflections of a postdoc as one chapter ends and a new one begins
Dr. Aws Abdul-Wahid will continue to do health research in his new role
Engineering a vaccine to thwart cancer

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