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Nexus - Winter 2011

  • News: Catch a glimpse of tomorrow's medicine and our new biomedical imaging research suite, take an unlikely road trip, meet Julia Rose Maliszewski, and discover the latest funding news
  • Tool Kit: O-Arm Surgical imaging System
  • Trainees' Post: Staying motivated when it feels like your research is going nowhere
  • Applause: Dr. Sandra Black receives Irma M. Parhad Award for Excellence 2011

Nexus - Autumn 2011

  • News: Imaging scientists launch new prize to highlight excellence in undergraduate research, Heart and Stroke Foundation bolsters stroke research, CIHR backs SRI Scientists
  • Tool Kit: GE Multiplexer
  • Sunnybrook Research Institute Celebrates Milestone in Imaging Research
  • Trainees' Post: From lab employee to PhD student: getting a head start
  • Plus: CV (Dr. Elizabeth David), Applause and more

Nexus - Summer 2011

  • News: Remarkable Student Flies High, Odette Cancer Research Program Welcomes New Director, Summit Brings Researchers to Sunnybrook, Sunnybrook Research Institute Scholars Recognized with National Award
  • Tool Kit: 7-Telsa Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
  • Trainee's Post: Leaving a lab on good terms: how and why
  • CV: Dr. Baiju Sha

Nexus - Spring 2011

  • News: Nanotech Microchip Could Change Screening for Prostate Cancer, Credit Where Credit's Due, Partnership to Spur Commercialization, CIHR Invests $3.3 Million in SRI Scientists, Funding Agency News, Canadian Cancer Society Presents Prevention Initiative Award, Funded: Clinical Trial at Ross Tilley Burn Centre, Heart and Stroke Foundation Awards Five Scientists Grants-in-Aid Funding
  • Tool Kit: Toshiba Aquilion ONE CT System
  • Million-Dollar Heart Research: Health Services Scientists Target Regional Variation in Cardiac Care
  • Trainees' Post: Mentorship Provides Students With Insight into the World of Science
  • Plus: CV (Dr. Stanley Liu), Applause and more

Nexus - Winter 2010

  • Brain Scientists Give Premier a Glimpse Into the Future
  • Unique Research Facility Launches in Toronto & Thunder Bay
  • News: New Structure for SRI; A Fresh Look for the Web; Trial to Examine Effects of Antidiabetic Drug on Birth Outcomes; Schulich Heart Program Research Day Doesn't Miss a Beat; Odette Cancer Research Program Gets Interim Director; Government Crowns Centre 'Excellent';
  • Toolkit: SOLiD 4 Next-Generation DNA Sequence Analyzer
  • Trainees' Post: Exploring New Paths
  • Plus: CV (Dr. Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker), Applause and more