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Nexus - Spring 2009

In this issue:
• News: Wishes Granted, Emerging Teams Take Two, Virtual Partnership Gets Physical, Ontario Invests in Sunnybrook Scientists, HSFO Backs SRI Researchers
• An Economic Update from the Vice-President of Research
• Turning Japanese: An SRI trainee heads east on a unique overseas visit
• Trainees' Post: Dr. Divya Shah and Mehran Haeri on journal clubs
• Toolkit: TissueMetrix
• Plus: CV (Frances Wright), CHSS Notes, Applause and more


Nexus - Winter 2008

In this issue:
• News: Quiet Support for Unique Hospital, SRI Researchers Garner Big Dollars From CIHR, Province Funds Imaging Research, Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute Extends Partnership With SRI, Canada Foundation for Innovation: Changes to Policies and Programs
• A Daze of Days...: Schulich Heart Program Research Day, Inaugural Health Services Sciences Symposium, Imaging Network Ontario Symposium
• Trainees' Post: The Life Science Career Development Series: two graduate students on a unique learning opportunity
• Toolkit: Ruskinn Invivo2 200 Hypoxic Workstation
• Plus: CV (Toni Barnes), CHSS Notes, Applause and more


Nexus - Autumn 2008 - RHF insert

Funded: Centre For Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics
A four-page insert about the Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics that includes background information on the grant proposal, the announcement and details on the centre's four platforms:
• translational research;
• preclinical testing;
• clinical research; and
• treatment, planning, analysis and evaluation.


Nexus - Autumn 2008

In this issue:
• News: $160 Million, Scientists Receive Funding for Prostate Cancer Research, CIHR Taps SRI PIs, SRI Physicists Form Startup Company, Undergraduate Students Shine at the Summer Poster Competition
• What Goes Around, Comes Around: Outreach brings SRI's science and technology to the classroom
• Trainees' Post: Three undergraduates share their insights on making the most of the summer research studentship
• Toolkit: Leica SM2500 Microtome
• Plus: CV (Kaveh Shojania), CHSS Notes, Applause and more


Nexus - Summer 2008

In this issue:
• News: SRI reveals the first recipients of its Awards of Merit program, Breast cancer researchers receive funding, HSFO awards SRI researchers, New research discipline at SRI, NCIC funds a trio of SRI investigators
• By Extension: SRI announces extended health insurance package for postdoctoral fellows
• Trainees' Post: With the conclusion of her PhD in sight, one SRI trainee shares her plans
• Toolkit: Multiphoton laser scanning microscope
• Plus: CV (Neill Adhikari), CHSS Notes, Applause and more