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SRI Newsletters & Publications

Nexus - Spring 2008

In this issue:
• News: SRI Lauds Its Own, Sunnybrook Scientists Recognized for Internationally Excellent Research, Federal Government Supports Stroke Centre, Yaffe Takes Up Challenge, Seems Like a Bind
• Trainees' Post: Three PhD Students Who Reclassified Explain the Hows and Whys
• Toolkit: Flat-panel biplane X-ray system
• Plus: CV (James Carlyle), CHSS Notes, Applying Yourself, Applause and more


Nexus - Winter 2007-2008

In this issue:
• News: Heart Felt, Name Recognition, NCIC Conference Connects, S & T Students Lauded
• Centre for Health Services Sciences Updates: CHSS Pieces Fall Into Place, CHSS Chair Chases Challenge, The Players in CHSS
• Trainees' Post: PhD Student Shares Award Application Insight
• Toolkit: Chip-liquid chromatography and electron transfer dissociation
• Plus: CV (Richard Wells), Applying Yourself, Applause and more


Nexus - Autumn 2007

In this issue:
• News: The Cranes Are Circling, The Fruitful Summer of SRI, Ringing True
• Changes at SRI: A Message from the Vice-President, Research
• Toolkit: Irradiator and hyperpolarizer
• Plus: CV (Jon Barrett), Applying Yourself, Applause, From the Headlines