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SRI Newsletters & Publications

Nexus - Autumn 2019

  • Commemorative edition: a look back at the tenure of Dr. Michael Julius at Sunnybrook Research Institute
  • Tool Kit: Hamilton Automated Liquid Handling System
  • Trainees' Post: Stroke for stroke: How Rui Xu manages his PhD project while being a varsity rower
  • CV: Dr. Jennifer Rabin

Nexus - Summer 2019

  • News: Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Tool Kit: BD FACSAria Fusion
  • Trainees' Post: Striking a balance: Stecia-Marie Fletcher finds harmony in music amid PhD demands
  • CV: Dr. Clement Hamani

Nexus - Winter 2018

  • News: Tricouncil grants; Diverse support for cancer research
  • Tool Kit: DISCO DAD3240 high-precision dicing saw
  • Trainees' Post: Confronting a PhD defence date: Miho Tanaka shares her feelings as she
    prepares for the big day
  • CV: Dr. Colleen Bailey

Nexus - Autumn 2017

  • News: A medley of funds
  • Tool Kit: Rapid prototyping machines
  • Trainees' Post: Finding the right postdoctoral fellowship—stay or go?
  • CV: Dr. Jessica Widdifield

Nexus - Summer 2017

  • News: More from CIHR; Funding digest
  • Tool Kit: Opera Phenix high-content screening system
  • Trainees' Post: A globetrotting postdoc offers up words of wisdom to his pre-SRI self
  • Applause: Recognizing the scientific and scholarly achievements of Sunnybrook Research Institute faculty and trainees
  • CV: Dr. Andrew Dimitrijevic