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SRI Magazine 2012

In this issue:

  • On Target? The promise and challenges of molecular therapies 
  • Do the Math: Heart failure + which variables = high risk of death? 
  • The Medical Innovators: No to the status quo: meet two scientist-clinician-inventors 
  • Also in This Issue: Why Pay Less?, How Fractures Heal

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SRI Magazine 2011

In this issue:

  • In death, life - Suicide by cell: the drama and the promise
  • Boom, baby, boom! Aging, dementia and the cost of family caregivers
  • Out of the dark: Scientist invents device to navigate the blackest channels of the heart
  • Canada's got (science) talent
  • Helping burn patients heal

SRI Magazine 2010

In this issue:

  • In Focus - A probing look at how a new technology is redefining surgery as scalpel-free and opening up access to parts previously impassable
  • When Drugs Collide - Medications taken in combination can be toxic, sometimes fatally-but how to know which ones, and in what combination?
  • Smarter, Faster, Better: Tomorrow's cancer care is being invented right here, right now
  • Hot Tickets - Double bill: two SRI spinoffs journey from innovation to acquisition
  • Battling Antibiotic Resistance
  • Stroke Research Takes Centre Stage

SRI Magazine 2009

In this issue:

  • Just What Is Regenerative Medicine, Anyway? The definitive guide on how to build a better body. Or not.
  • Forward-Looking: Original thinking begets a little device with big promise to change how complex heart conditions are diagnosed and treated
  • Smarter, Faster, Better: Tomorrow's cancer care is being invented right here, right now
  • Critical Care: At full tilt: Sunnybrook researchers race to explain the H1N1 virus and be prepared to treat its most vulnerable victims
  • Into Africa: Going global to help build sustainable care in developing countries

SRI Magazine 2008

In this issue:

  • Hot Fusion: A behind-the-genes look at a promising way to predict prostate cancer risk and progression
  • Managing Multiples: The quest to rewrite the rules of obstetric practice, two babies at a time
  • Think Again: Neuroscientists dig deep to understand and treat Alzheimer's disease
  • Balancing Act: Double trouble: the long, long path to becoming a PhD/MD—and why it's worth it
  • Plus: MORE