Perioperative Brain Health Centre

Research Partner

Dr. Avramescu
Dr. Sinziana Avramescu

Co-Director, Perioperative Brain Health Centre
Chair, resident research committee, department of anesthesia, University of Toronto
Assistant professor, department of anesthesia, University of Toronto

Phone: 416-480-5744

Dr. Avramescu is a clinician-investigator and assistant professor in the anesthesia department at the University of Toronto. Her goal is to improve patient care and safety in the perioperative setting by bridging the gap of knowledge translation between research and clinical practice. Dr. Avramescu received a PhD in Neuroscience from Laval University in Quebec and she completed clinical training in anesthesia at the University of Toronto.

Her studies focus on understanding the role of inflammation in acquired brain injury, such as post-operative memory impairment, cognitive dysfunction, mood disorders and traumatic brain injury. In collaborative pre-clinical research studies Dr. Avramescu showed that pro-inflammatory cytokines enhance the activity of a “memory blocking” receptor in the brain and provided the first evidence that inflammation increases neuronal sensitivity to anesthetics. She is currently conducting clinical studies to examine cognitive and mood outcomes of patients undergoing surgery and anesthesia. Dr. Avramescu plans to identify novel diagnostic and treatment strategies for patients suffering from post-operative delirium, persistent memory and mood disorders.

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