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Our scientists in the Ross Tilley Burn Centre are working to revolutionize the treatment of severe burns and wounds so that patients recover faster and go home sooner. They are injecting stem cells into a hand-held device with the goal of creating a skin substitute. Surgeons would transfer this skin directly onto the patient's wounds in the operating room, eliminating the need for painful skin grafts.

Ontario's most seriously injured patients are cared for in the Tory Regional Trauma Centre, Canada's first and largest trauma centre. We are creating our first double-duty trauma operating room to give our surgeons precious minutes to save even more lives. Twice the size of a traditional OR, this highly specialized room would combine the most advanced imaging and surgical capabilities, eliminating the need to move patients with life-threatening injuries between imaging and surgical suites.

In this new OR, our surgeons will be able to offer patients both image-guided procedures and open surgery in a single trip to the OR. This will save weeks of recovery time for patients who would otherwise require two procedures over two visits.