Say Thank You to Canada’s Veterans

Every November, we have a special opportunity to pause, remember and thank Canada’s veterans for their heroic service. These brave men and women answered the call of duty, offering their lives to secure our freedom. Their bravery changed the world. Support Operation Raise a Flag!

Operation Raise a Flag celebrates Canada’s heroes and honours their sacrifice. On the eve of November 11, we will plant Canadian flags in front of the Veterans’ Residence Centre and Sunnybrook grounds. When the veterans awake on Remembrance Day, there will be a patriotic sea of thousands of red and white flags in their honour.

This installation of remembrance is our way of recognizing Canadian veterans and to thank them for their sacrifice.

Donations will support the Sunnybrook Veterans Grant a Wish program.

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Messages of support

  • Thank you for your courage, your bravery and your kindness. You make me proud to be Canadian. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

  • My Grandfather, Father in-law & Great Uncle, all served and their sacrifice is not forgotten.

  • In memory of R. Wallace Campbell 1916-2016.

  • In honour of my grandfathers, John Leddy & Thomas Danks and my uncle, Isaac McWhaw.

  • This flag is for Muriel Hillas, of Edmonton, AB, who served in the RCAF during WW2.

  • These flags are for the five members of our families who served Canada during WW2, and especially for Mary and Tony who currently reside at Sunnybrook.

  • Dad and Dustin we are so proud of your service.

  • In memory of John, Joyce, Norm, Millie and family.

  • My dad, My hero! Murray Ginsberg!

  • In honour of my Uncle Paul, who died in World War II.

  • In memory of Anthony Lofranco. Thank you for your service and dedication to Canada.

  • In memory of George Terry McIntosh, WWII RCAF Veteran and recent resident of Sunnybrook Veteran's centre. Thanks Daddy for your dedication to Canada and to your family.

  • Thank you veterans for your service from Faye and Peter Taylor.

  • In honour of John Whitten

  • Love the Vets stories..Digger's line:" You could be in the water someday, is so touching!

  • Love you, dad!

  • Missing you more than ever Dad. - For Raymond J. Austin

  • In memory of my father - Maurice Weintrop, WW2, I miss you Daddy.

  • Remembering the 4 Vermeersch boys who went to WW2...Uncle Raymond did not come back...RIP

  • Being a Veteran myself, I am a very big supporter of the contributions made by the veterans of Canada's Forces.

  • In remembrance of my dad- Fred Bailey-medic in WW II.

  • In memory of my father, Max Goldberg, RCAF

  • In honour of my father, Archibald James Elliot who served in WW11 from 1939-1945. During his last 16 years he was fortunate enough to live in Sunnybrook's veterans wing.

  • I am so thankful to all those veterans who came to Liberate me and my town Ermelo way back in 1945. I was 13 years old and am now 85. It is a long time ago but I have never forgotten I am a Canadian citizen since 1960. Thank you brave Canadian Soldiers.

  • To the Canadians who helped to liberate the Netherlands - thank you!

  • For my mother Frances McIlroy

  • On behalf of my family, thank you for all you did and all that you sacrificed. We think of our parents who both served this country in WW2 and we are eternally gratefull to them and to you for giving us the life we continue to enjoy.

  • Thinking of our Dad, Keith Tozer, and the contribution he made to this country.

  • With gratitude to all who served including my Dad (Allan Gilmore) who is now 96 years young. Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication.

  • In honour of the men and women who have served our country.

  • For my.. Alfred Beeston R.I.P.(1925-2015) Navy Veteran for your courage and loving spirit. THANK YOU! Aswell the Sunnybrook Hospital veterans care team

  • To our wonderful Vets, with love from Gord, Bev and Barb Swayze

  • In Memory of Christopher Robson

  • In honour of John E A Bennett

  • So thankful for your service. Donation is in memory of my dad, John (Jack) Hughes.

  • Thank you for protecting our country. In honour of Grandpa's Cross & Philpot.

  • Thank you for all you've done. Davidson Family

  • Thank you so much for our freedom. God bless you all.

  • In memory of my father Sgt Maxwell McDougall

  • Enjoy your wish!! I come from a military family and married a recent retired US Navy Pilot. Thank you for your service!

  • In memory of Kelly Wortsman enlisted 1943/08/09 R-270296

  • Cpl. BF Inglis is remembered by his wife Rose and his daughter Pamela

  • In memory of my husband and former resident Henry Gordon Kitts and all veterans who have ever walked through the doors of the Residence.

  • Thanks! Merci !

  • Thanks Bubba

  • Veterans, thank you for your service. In memory of David Sweezey. Thank you Grandpa.

  • Respect from Terry Keane, thank you for your service.

  • In honour of Dad; Uncles Bill, Bob, and Gavin; and their cousin Alex

  • Thank you for your sacrifices that kept our nation free.

  • To our Dad with love and gratitude. - Tova and Laura

  • In memory of my father, Sam Gillman, a veteran of WWII. May his memory be a blessing.

  • Thank you all for the freedom we cherish today! You will never be forgotten.

  • Robert Clifford Smith - A courageous foot soldier WW1 and a loving grandfather.

  • Thank you from daughter of 48th Highlanders

  • In memory of Caleb Penwell and Harry Sawka

  • In honour of not only my mom and dad but the countless others who served their country so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today.

  • In memory of Kenneth Keys

  • Honouring heroes warriors soldiers and veterans

  • To honour the memory of Wilfred Gibson Otway - My Dad

  • In memory of Pte James Glendinning - WWI

  • Thank you for your service and sacrifice. - Peel Regional Police Communications Bureau

  • In memory of Douglas Pinkney and Jack Gillespie. RCAF, RAF WWII

  • In loving memory of Doug Hocking (aka Papa Doug), a wonderful husband, Dad & Grandpa, who lived in K-Wing in 2003 prior to his passing. A grateful 'Thank You' to all our Veterans for all you gave! Love Pauline, Pat, Linda, Brenda, Brendon, Mike & Sean

  • In memory of my father Sergeant Major Norman Binns

  • In honour of a former resident, Sir Francis P. McKernan, KGCHS, Flying Officer-RCAF, we deeply appreciate your service to Canada.

  • With our heartfelt thanks to all who bravely served and sacrificed to give us the life we have and in memory of our beloved father, John J. Green, who served from May, 1941 to May, 1946. We will never forget!

  • In memory of Donald Lloyd Parkhill - R.C.A.F.

  • In memory of all Veterans and especially my late Mom & Dad, both WWII Veterans. As Canadians, we are so lucky that you helped maintain our freedom. As a daughter, I am so proud of both of you.

  • In memory of James & Joyce Wilson. Bravo Zulu

  • In memory of Ken Keys

How Your Support Helps

Operation Raise a Flag is about sending messages of thanks to our veterans and supports Veterans Programs like our Veterans Grant a Wish Program. The Program is a resident-focused initiative that strives to provide an enhanced quality of life through the realization of heartfelt wishes. It is the only "wish program" dedicated to Canada's war Veterans.

Be a hero to our heroes. With your compassionate donation, Sunnybrook can continue to give our heroes the best care. Donate now.

About Sunnybrook Veterans Centre

Sunnybrook officially opened in 1948 as a war veterans' hospital; a place to care for heroes. Today, as the largest veterans care facility in the country in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada, we are honoured to provide the best cognitive, physical, mental health and stroke care to 473 Canadian veterans of the Second World War and Korean War.

Mary Prescott

Frequently asked questions

What is the Raise a Flag campaign?

As the largest veterans care facility in Canada, we offer long term and complex hospital care for vets from the Second World War and Korean War.

In honour of this Remembrance Day, Operation Raise a Flag will help raise funds in support of the Sunnybrook Veterans Grant a Wish program. With your donation, heartfelt wishes will be granted in an effort to provide additional joy and wonderment for our veterans. This includes offsite outings with family and specially requested items to improve their experience and/or comfort while at Sunnybrook.

To date, some of the many wishes granted have been as unique as taxi gift certificates for a spouse to come visit, or the modest request for maple walnut ice cream at lunch.

Please consider making a donation in honour of our veterans. With your support, 30,000 flags will be planted around our campus for Remembrance Day as a symbol of honor and appreciation.

Where are the funds going?

Proceeds from the campaign will go to the Sunnybrook Veterans Grant a Wish program.

What is the Sunnybrook Veterans Grant a Wish program?

This program strives to provide an enhanced quality of life through the realization of heartfelt wishes. It is the only "wish program" dedicated to Canada's war veterans.

To date, some of the many wishes granted have been as unique as taxi gift certificates for a spouse to visit, or the modest request for maple walnut ice cream at lunch. Other wishes include tickets to sporting events, wheelchair capes, and trips to various Canadian cities or veterans’ hometowns.

The goal of the program is for every veteran to have at least one wish granted and each veteran is eligible for a maximum of 2 wishes.

How can I make a Donation?

  • Online:
  • Telephone: 1-866-696-2008
  • In person: Foundation Office KGW01
  • Mail in your buckslip: Sunnybrook Foundation, 2075 Bayview Avenue, KGW01, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

How much are flags?

  • 1 Flag - $25

After the first flag, each one only costs $20. For example:

  • 2 Flags - $40
  • 4 Flags - $80
  • 5 Flags - $100
  • 10 Flags - $200
  • 25 Flags - $500
  • 50 Flags - $1,000

Will I receive a tax receipt?

All donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

If you order your flag online, a tax receipt will be issued immediately to the email address provided.

If this was done through the mail or in person, a tax receipt will be placed in the mail and received within 10 business days.

Can I purchase a flag for my mother, father, etc.?

Yes, you can; however, the tax receipt will be made out to the individual making the donation.

How long will flags remain on the lawn?

We cannot guarantee the lifespan of these paper flags. Weather permitting, the flags will remain on the lawn throughout Remembrance Day and will be removed the morning of Monday, November 14th.

What will happen to the flags after Remembrance Day?

Flags are collected and recycled.

Where were the flags manufactured?

The flags were manufactured in Ontario and purchased from a local retail vendor – Toronto Flag Shop.

Can I dedicate my flag to a particular veteran?

Unfortunately, the flags will be planted on the grounds and messages will be combined for the veterans. If there is a specific veteran that you wish to honour, we will do our best to pass the message along to him/her.

Can I keep my flag?

This is not possible as the flags are not personalized and are planted all together.

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Raise a flag video

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