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Technology Transfer

Technology transfer at Sunnybrook Research InstituteSunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) has considerable experience in commercializing our research knowledge to improve health care and make new technologies available. Having licensed numerous technologies to multinational and start-up companies, the practical impact of our research has been felt globally.

MaRS Innovation handles technology transfer for SRI scientists. Because every technology opportunity is unique, MaRS Innovation tailors its wide range of services to each case, including the following:

  • technology assessment and evaluation
  • ownership due diligence
  • patenting
  • marketing
  • negotiation of agreements
  • expertise in partnering.

The extensive experience that MaRS Innovation has with the business and academic communities allows it to bridge and meet the needs of both sectors.

Technology transfer representative for technologies related to medical imaging and medical devices:

Hassan Jaferi
Commercialization Manager, MaRS Innovation
Phone: 647-531-4681

Technology transfer representative for technologies related to molecular and cellular biology:

Ben Rogers
Project Manager, MaRS Innovation
Phone: 647-260-7861