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Trainees' Post, 2009-2010


For trainees by trainees

Trainees' Post is a feature of SRI's quarterly newsletter, Nexus. In it, we speak with students and postdoctoral fellows at SRI to collect their insights, advice and experiences on many facets of life as a trainee. Some of what we’ve covered includes career pathways, how to apply for awards and grants, presenting at conferences, submitting papers to journals, the summer student experience and making good educational choices.



Jessica Jordão

A first-time lead author shares her thoughts on getting published

Jessica Jordão, a PhD student in the labs of Drs. Aubert and Hynynen, reveals lessons learned on the journey to getting her first paper published
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Jason Szeto

Beyond academia: Is a career in industrial research right for you?

A vaccine researcher gives students the inside scoop on working in the private sector
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Awong and La Motte-Mohs

Message control

How to present research results at a conference
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Dr. Divya Shah and Mehran Haeri

A tradition that serves

Dr. Divya Shah and Mehran Haeri on journal clubs
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Christina Kim

A returning summer student finds passion for research contagious at SRI

Christina Kim is part of SRI's summer student research program, which offers undergraduates a hospital-based research experience.
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